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AmeriClaims is a public adjuster in Charlotte, NC that will represent your interests. Our clients routinely get much bigger cash settlements than what their insurance companies originally offer – from 40% more up to 700% more. Money you’ll use to rebuild and come back stronger or cash out and walk away.

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, we serve clients throughout Florida and South Carolina as well.

When you work with an AmeriClaims adjuster, you will automatically have a teammate working on your claim. Your claim becomes just as important to us as it is to you. That is why our Florida public adjusters always keep open lines of communication to provide homeowners and business owners with assistance through what can be an unfamiliar process.

At AmeriClaims, we give you the advantage of having an expert you can trust working on your claim. Insurance companies are always going to try to find ways to pay you as little as possible. That’s why it is so important to have the aid of the top public adjuster South Carolina has to offer.

Natural disasters and unforeseen acts of nature are unavoidable. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pick up the pieces and put your life back together again. In the aftermath of any kind of damage to your property, you need someone to turn to in order to make things right.
Preparing an insurance claim is not something every person knows how to do. There are small details that could make a huge difference in how your claim pays out. AmeriClaims will be there from start to finish. Your insurance company has many experts working for them and now it’s time to have someone working for you. You should have an advocate working for you.

Call us today at (704) 800-5321 for a free claim consultation and experience the best public adjuster Georgia to Charlotte, NC has available.
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AmeriClaims (Indian Trail, NC)

AmeriClaims is a public adjuster in Charlotte, NC that will represent your interests. Our clients routinely get much bigger cash settlements than what their insurance companies originally offer – from 40% more up to 700% more. Money you’ll use to rebuild and come back stronger or cash out and walk away.

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What Is Covered Under Your Condo and Townhome Insurance Master Policy

Coastal view of Miami, FL   Insuring a condo or townhome is different than insuring a single home because the property is attached to a larger complex. According to Public Adjusters in GA, there are special considerations to make and certain factors you should know when it comes to townhomes and con ...

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How to Prove Your Property Insurance Claim

When your home is damaged by an act of nature, fire, flood or vandalism, you are entitled to an insurance settlement so that you can put the pieces of your life back together. However, receiving that settlement is not accomplished by making a simple phone call. You must prove all of that damage in o ...

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Why Actual Cash Value (ACV) Insurance Is a Bad Idea

When purchasing an insurance policy for your home or business, there is the option of choosing actual cash value. This provides you with cash for your damaged or lost items, but according to many FL public adjusters there are a number of reasons why purchasing this type of insurance is a bad idea. A ...

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What You Should Not Do After You Experience a Claim

There is a detailed process that comes with filing an insurance claim for property damage. How that process is handled can affect your overall settlement. That is why it is just as important to know what not to do after you experience a claim. Here’s a look at some things to always avoid from top NC ...

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Don’t Stress With Self Repairs or Replace Property When You Have a Claim

Insurance claims are all about fixing something that has been damaged. In instances when a home or business is damaged, property owners will want to make repairs and replace their property as quickly as possible. However, property owners do not have to do either of those things. In this article, Ame ...

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What Are Homeowner Duties After a Fire Loss?

In the aftermath of a fire, there is usually a myriad of emotions experienced by homeowners. While that is perfectly natural, there is still a need to meet your duties as a homeowner. After your home has sustained a fire, here is a list of duties you should be sure to cover.Mitigate DamageAfter a fi ...

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Red Flags For Homeowners on Insurance Company's Initial Offer

After your home sustains damage from a fire or natural disaster, the insurance claims process begins. Insurance companies frequently attempt to settle early on, although that is not always best for homeowners as our public claims adjusters have seen time and time again. Here are some red flags for h ...

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Top Mistakes Homeowners Make After Suffering a House Fire

When a home catches on fire, no one is really prepared for what comes next. This is something that not many people plan for in their lifetime. However, homeowners’ actions after a fire are some of the most important ones they will make. Here is a look at the top mistakes homeowners make after suffer ...

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Post Insurance Claim Best Practices

The first thing you should do when disaster strikes is contact an AmeriClaims public adjuster in NC SC GA or FL. A public adjuster will be able to steer you in the right direction and make the most out of an otherwise unfavorable situation. Public adjusters understand every part of your insurance co ...

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Benefits of Hiring a Public Adjuster vs Handling a Claim on Your Own

There are lots of reasons it pays to hire a public adjuster after your home sustains a fire or any other type of damage. First, it is important to know that a public adjuster is working for you. Insurance companies have teams of people working to either deny your claim or pay out as little as possib ...

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