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Those of you who live or work in the Charleston, South Carolina area have likely heard the name John Price from his radio appearances, live musical performances and community support efforts. Personal Injury Lawyer John Price is also well known for his longtime devotion and dedication to the people of South Carolina through his work at the John Price Law Firm LLC, which he founded in 1988.

Attorney John Price has been practicing in law since 1985, and practicing in Charleston that whole time. After years of success, the law firm has grown. Today, the firm has more than 118 years of combined practicing experience. The lawyers represents clients throughout the state of South Carolina: Charleston and the tri-county area; Berkeley, Orangeburg, Georgetown, Horry; and Florence-Darlington counties.



John Price Law Firm (Myrtle Beach, SC)

John Price Law Firm, LLC offers convenience and accessibility, with three offices and two satellite locations in the Charleston area and surrounding counties of South Carolina. If you are unable to make it into one of our locations, we also provide home intake consultations. Most importantly, we offer compassionate representation with proven experience in auto accidents and workers’ compensation claims.

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Cool School Teacher Award goes to Kristi O’Callahan

The entire team at John Price Law Firm would like to congratulate Kristi O’Callahan as she receives the Cool School Teacher Award! Mrs. O’Callahan is an amazing special education teacher at Knightsville Elementary School in Summerville, South Carolina. John Price was honored to be there with WCBD Ne ...

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The lawyer that rocks proudly sponsors Cool School.

Attorney Mark Redmond of John Price Law Firm presents the “Cool School” award to Hunley Park Elementary in North Charleston, South Carolina. The post The lawyer that rocks proudly sponsors Cool School. appeared first on John Price Law Firm. ...

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How Typical Defective Product Claims Play Out

Top Personal Injury Attorney Statistics According to statistics from top personal injury attorneys, thousands of people every year are injured or killed because of dangerous or defective products. In Charleston, SC and throughout the United States, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retail ...

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Golf Cart Safety Tips for Families This Summer

It’s not uncommon to see families on golf carts zipping around local neighborhoods, especially in the spring and summertime. In larger neighborhoods, taking a golf cart to the pool can save a car ride or a longer, much warmer walk. Master-planned communities may have a grocery store or school within ...

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What Happens If At-Fault Driver Doesn’t Have insurance

Everybody knows that liability car insurance is the bare minimum legal requirement if you want to operate a vehicle on the roadway. However, a lawyer will tell you that uninsured driver accident cases are some of the most common issues that they come across. It’s important for you to have an underst ...

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The First 5 Things You Should Do After A Crash

Early estimates from the U.S. Department of Transportation show that 26,730 people were killed in car crashes in the first nine months of 2019 alone. With staggering numbers like these, we can be certain that thousands more were injured. The truth is that car accidents happen. Because we cannot cont ...

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Child Safety and Car Seat Tips

Car seats have come a long way over the past few decades as child safety continues to improve with more new findings and advances. When using a car seat, the proper installation and instructions for strapping a child in should be followed. Here is a look at some helpful tips to guide you through the ...

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How to Prepare for a Charleston Hurricane

The Atlantic hurricane season begins June 1st and continues through the end of November. The hurricane season refers to the annual formation of tropical cyclones in the Atlantic basin, a number of which hit and affect the United States. As hurricane season continues, the likelihood of serious storms ...

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Teen Driving Safety Tips for Families

Are you the parent or caregiver of a new teen driver? Much anticipation and preparation likely went into getting your teen driver ready for this milestone. Many of us can remember what it was like to get our first set of car keys. We may also have memories of our first fender bender or close […] The ...

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Avoiding Fatigued Driving

Fatigued driving is a topic we regularly cover on the blog, and for good reason: the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) reports more than 6,000 lives are lost each year due to drowsy driving. When you factor in holiday to-dos, strained sleep schedules from concerns around COVID-19, and conditions on th ...

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