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McGrath & Spielberger PLLC (Charlotte, NC)

McGrath & Spielberger, PLLC was founded by enterprising attorneys whose goal is to always provide high quality yet affordable legal representation to citizens and businesses in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Together, the attorneys of McGrath & Spielberger have decades of legal experience to draw upon when providing legal representation to their clients.

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Wells Fargo Creates Fake Foreclosure Sale Date for NC Property

Wells Fargo Creates Fake Foreclosure Sale Date for NC Property As an attorney who represents many homeowners and other mortgage loan borrowers in mortgage relief, mortgage dispute, and foreclosure cases, I deal with some fairly unusual situations. This current case with Wells Fargo, in which I had ...

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Wedding Bell Blues: Contractual Considerations for Weddings and Events in a COVID-19 World – Part 1

As an attorney who routinely drafts and analyzes business contracts and a bride during the COVID-19 pandemic, I knew that there were several contractual aspects I would need to consider when entering into countless contracts with the vast array of people and vendors involved in planning a wedding, e ...

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Top 5 Reasons to Change Your Will

Below we list the top five reasons to update your legal will, or at least consider changes. If you are unsure about will or estate planning process, you can consult with one of our law firm's experienced attorneys to help. You don’t have a will. (So having one would be a change!) Your marital ...

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How To Dissolve a Corporation in North Carolina?

As an attorney who routinely handles business law related questions this situation is not unusual. Most businesses have a life cycle and it's good to know how to legally dissolve a corporation which has decided to end its operations. North Carolina has laws specific to this question. In its most bas ...

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Congrats, You’ve Inherited a Mess

By Jason McGrathYou’ve just inherited the family home, where you’ve not lived for many years, after the unfortunate but inevitable passing of your last living parent. You know there is a mortgage loan for the property. You have many questions, which may generally be summarized “What are my options, ...

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Reverse Mortgages and the Foreclosure Process in North Carolina

Article written by Attorney Mike Spicer. Reverse mortgages have grown in popularity in recent years and some retirees are using them as part of a retirement plan. This post explains some of the unique issues that arise when lenders try to proceed with a reverse mortgage foreclosure in North Carolin ...

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Arbitration versus Mediation

Although arbitration and mediation can both resolve lawsuits, they are quite different and it is important for parties to lawsuits to understand how each procedure works. In this video, Attorney Jason McGrath – who has been a trial lawyer for over 19 years and has been involved in mediations and ar ...

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Commercial Leases in South Carolina Amid the Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

At McGrath and Spielberger, PLLC, we represent many local and regional clients who own and operate many different types of businesses, including restaurants, gyms, retail stores, and other commercial businesses, throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Ohio and Tennessee. We are ...

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Coronavirus, Force Majeure, and Your Business Contract – Will the Charlotte Hornets and Other NBA Players Be Paid?

The coronavirus (more formally known as COVID-19) is now impacting every part of life. In our last blog post, we discussed general issues on how coronavirus might impact your business contract, and pointed out that the effects of this disease are impacting whether people are getting paid. The NBA ju ...

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Coronavirus, Force Majeure, and Your Business Contract Explained

Coronavirus (more formally known as COVID-19) is now impacting every part of life. Let’s start figuring out if and how it impacts your business law contract, initially by asking and answering these fundamental questions that are being posed.      Practically, how might the coronavirus impact my busi ...

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