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McGrath & Spielberger PLLC (Charlotte, NC)

McGrath & Spielberger, PLLC was founded by enterprising attorneys whose goal is to always provide high quality yet affordable legal representation to citizens and businesses in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Together, the attorneys of McGrath & Spielberger have decades of legal experience to draw upon when providing legal representation to their clients.

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Carolina Contracts: Contractual “Recitals”

 Here are some of the key points contained in the video:•    Recitals often follow the introductory paragraph of a contract. •    Recitals can play a very important role later on if there is a lawsuit.•    Recitals often show the purpose of a contract.    •    Be careful and make sure the Recitals c ...

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Top 5 Reasons to Change Your Will

Below we list the top five reasons to update your legal will, or at least consider changes. If you are unsure about will or estate planning process, you can consult with one of our law firm's experienced attorneys to help.You don’t have a will. (So having one would be a change!)Your marital status h ...

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North Carolina Charitable Solicitation License: Does Your Non-Profit Need One?

 Over the past several weeks, I’ve spoken with several different non-profit creators that were surprised to hear that their organizations would need a charitable solicitation license in connection with their fundraising efforts. If an organization or individual asks the public for contributions and/ ...

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Arbitration Fees - How Much do Arbitrators Cost?

Business law Attorney Jason McGrath shares some information about how much you should expect to pay in fees to an Arbitrator in this short video.Click here to watch on YouTube Here are some of the key points contained in this informational video:Arbitrators typically charge fees similar to what lawy ...

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Arbitration: How Do You Choose The Arbitrator?

Attorney Jason McGrath explains some things to consider when choosing the arbitrator during a lawsuit in this short video.Click here to watch this video on YouTube. Here are some of the key points contained in the video:If using a panel of 3 arbitrators: each party picks an arbitrator and then those ...

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Loan Agreements: Include Attorney Fees & Costs

 Here are some of the key points contained in the video:DON’T EVER lend someone money without a written agreementDON’T EVER create a loan without including an Attorney Fees, Court Costs and Collection Costs provision.In most North Carolina cases, it is difficult to collect attorney fees and collecti ...

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Arbitration Clauses and Costs + Fees

Here are some of the key points contained in the video:1. Should attorney fee and legal costs provisions be included in an arbitration clause?     Examples of options:A. Arbitration is required, but attorneys’ fees and legal costs are specifically not allowed to be recovered by the prevailing party ...

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Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) – What is the Borrower Really Paying for?

As contract attorneys who provide a variety of real estate and mortgage related legal services, including real estate closings and handling real estate disputes, we know that many (most?) borrowers really don’t understand private mortgage insurance. Known as PMI, private mortgage insurance is to ben ...

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Indemnification in Contracts: What if Both Parties Are at Fault?

In my over 20 years as an attorney, I have consistently found that indemnification clauses in contracts are among the most negotiated and sensitive contractual issues. I have also found that the law as it applies to indemnification is often misunderstood. On our website, we have discussed whether an ...

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North Carolina Premises Liability Law: What Are Your Responsibilities as a Landowner?

When someone visits your property – whether as a social guest or a repairman - there is always a chance that an injury could result. As a landowner, you may not know the extent of your potential liability when someone becomes injured on your property.  Some states, such as Florida, apply different s ...

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